Monday, March 12, 2007


I called Ellen earlier this afternoon and Dorothy made it through surgery- but she was bleeding quite a bit. This type of surgery is pretty rough especially with how advanced the cancer was and all the blood vessels involved. Dr. Eisenberg barely had enough skin to close. They had pressure wraps around her belly but later in the afternoon she started to struggle. Dr. Eisenberg called me and as much as we all wanted to save Miss Dorothy- the decision was made to end her suffering.

She was a grand old lady. I took her out yesterday at the clinic and she had so much life in her. It is terribly sad that no one cared about her enough to catch this horrible disease in time. Please think happy thoughts for Dorothy. Thanks especially to Lisa and Family for pulling her out of the shelter and giving her a chance.

Lisa S.


Dear Dorothy,

You touched more people than you ever realized! You were loved by complete strangers who never even met you. You were in the hopes, dreams and prayers of many more. You showed our family that a senior dog could fight cancer and still find the strength to run in the yard after birds! We hope that you felt the love that surrounded you in our home. We hope that our bed was warm and fluffy enough to comfort your weary body. We hope that you have found loved ones at the Bridge. We hope that you felt our love while we cuddled your worn body! We hope that you felt that you were at home!

Dorothy, thank you for putting your hope in us! We did our best... but there was an even greater plan for you! You showed the world that giving up on an ill Senior Setter was not an option.

Dorothy, may your final journey take you to the Yellow Brick Road. Follow it through the Emerald City! Remember to click your Ruby Slippers one last time when you see the Bridge. It's the one with the Rainbow!
Then, say these magical words...


We love you, Dorothy!
Your Family,
Lisa, Bobby, Sofia, Cali, Mallory & Mazie

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Today is the day of my surgery! I can't wait to feel better! I have turned into a good eater because I know that I need to keep my strength up! Lisa reported to my Foster Mom that I was howling on Sunday! I couldn't help myself...I am so excited to start my new life as a very spoiled IBR dog! I just had to howl to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for my recovery!

I must be a really special dog because so many people care about me. I sure hope my Foster Mom can get some sleep tonight because I know how much she worries about me! I saw the tears in her eyes when she had to leave me in IL. She'll never admit it, but I know what I saw! Wow! Someone loves me that much after knowing me for only 3 days! It just proves what I have known all along...I AM A GREAT DOG! Imagine how much love I have to give back to my new family!

Once I wake up from my surgery, I'll post an update for my cheering section!


Saturday, March 10, 2007


I have been so busy taking tests! The ones in Michigan weren't hard and I heard that I passed them! My x-rays came back and my chest is clear! My blood tests came back and they also looked good! I must be really smart because I didn't even study for them! I am still waiting to see what the vets in Illinois think about my health!

I also had another test when I arrived in Illinois last night. I was going to a new foster home so I needed to be "Cat Tested"! I didn't study for that one either...but I was told that it didn't go real well! In fact, I think I failed that one, without question! I heard everyone say that I was NOT cat safe!

Ellen, I am really sorry that I grabbed your cat with my mouth! Honestly, I just couldn't help myself! Come on...Look at my face...I really am SORRY! Please forgive me!
Setter Kisses, Dorothy!


I needed one more nap before my great adventure yesterday. We follwed I-94 all the way to Illinois! Traffic was REALLY backed up on the Yellow Brick Road! We met a bunch of nice IBR volunteers at All Creatures! Lisa thought it would be a good idea to have me checked out by the IBR vets to see if they can help me. I hope they can!

Thursday, March 8, 2007


In the morning, I am going to see the Veterinarian that helped my foster sister , Mazie! I will hold my head up high so I can show them that I am a strong dog! Please cross your fingers and paws and hope for good news! I have just found a life that is worth living! I have had a taste of "The Good Life" for less than 24 hours! I may sound a bit selfish but I want to experience many more good things! This foster thing is a blast! Until tomorrow... Lots of Setter Kisses From Me, Dorothy!

OH NO!!! IT'S THE WICKED WITCH! I didn't see a real "witch". Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you! But, I MAY have something even scarier...CANCER.

Those aren't witch warts in the photos. Those are my sores from frostbite and my massive mammary tumor. I really am a lucky dog. Most people wouldn't give me a second thought, let alone a second chance! The wonderful people at IBR will NOT turn away a sick dog!

I heard my Foster Mom and her Munchkin saying their prayers last night! I even heard them crying but I didn't let them know that I was eavesdropping! They couldn't believe how a wonderful dog (ME, Dorothy) could get so sick! I just know they will do their best to help me! Until then, I will play with the other dogs, soak up all of the love and attention, and act like a very healthy dog!