Thursday, March 8, 2007


I never found my ruby slippers when I got to town. But I did find this comfy chair.

Just when I would find the perfect spot, I would roll around again and find a better one! Again...and again and again!

I am the first dog in my foster home to pass the test to become an "official" IBR dog of the house! I love my mushroom chair!The others can't see the potential of this new chair! It's great for bird watching!

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Lucinda said...

Dear Dorothy

My Katie loves to sleep in my black mushroom chair. Let me even try to get up & use the bathroom--when I come back--there's Katie, ES--geez, Mom, you're not using it. Hope you get better real soon. You'll enjoy being a spoiled house dog. Katie spent her first three years living outside before becoming a house dog.