Saturday, March 10, 2007


I have been so busy taking tests! The ones in Michigan weren't hard and I heard that I passed them! My x-rays came back and my chest is clear! My blood tests came back and they also looked good! I must be really smart because I didn't even study for them! I am still waiting to see what the vets in Illinois think about my health!

I also had another test when I arrived in Illinois last night. I was going to a new foster home so I needed to be "Cat Tested"! I didn't study for that one either...but I was told that it didn't go real well! In fact, I think I failed that one, without question! I heard everyone say that I was NOT cat safe!

Ellen, I am really sorry that I grabbed your cat with my mouth! Honestly, I just couldn't help myself! Come on...Look at my face...I really am SORRY! Please forgive me!
Setter Kisses, Dorothy!

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