Monday, March 12, 2007


I called Ellen earlier this afternoon and Dorothy made it through surgery- but she was bleeding quite a bit. This type of surgery is pretty rough especially with how advanced the cancer was and all the blood vessels involved. Dr. Eisenberg barely had enough skin to close. They had pressure wraps around her belly but later in the afternoon she started to struggle. Dr. Eisenberg called me and as much as we all wanted to save Miss Dorothy- the decision was made to end her suffering.

She was a grand old lady. I took her out yesterday at the clinic and she had so much life in her. It is terribly sad that no one cared about her enough to catch this horrible disease in time. Please think happy thoughts for Dorothy. Thanks especially to Lisa and Family for pulling her out of the shelter and giving her a chance.

Lisa S.

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JanBee said...

I just read this story about Dorothy and want to send my love. She has certainly pulled on my heart & I am so sorry she had to leave this earth. I recently lost my little English Setter Remington to cancer on Dec. 5, 2006, so perhaps her can help Dorothy as she crosses over to the other side. My love to all. - Jan B.